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    Can't delete, move, cut, paste,... selected objects through keyboard in Fireworks CS5


      My keyboard actions are no longer applied to selected objects


      • Can't delete selected objects by pressing the delete key.
      • Can't move selected object up/down left/right with arrow keys.
      • Can't cut and paste with Command+C or Command+V,...


      The keyboard isn't completely 'broken', I can successfully select, delete and navigate text entries in input boxes in the properties panel. The problem only exists on selected objects on stage.


      When it went wrong:


      Installed Adobe Fireworks CS5, worked in it for a couple of hours until it crashed. After the crash I could not open Fireworks again. Upon starting Fireworks a popup window quickly showed, but it went so fast I couldn't read it. I then decided to install the Fireworks CS5 11.0.2 patch. After installing the patch I could successfully start Fireworks again. But now I can't use my keyboard any longer as described above.


      I've been using Monolingual app to delete language packs to save space. I though this app caused the problem so I reinstalled everything (including the patch), but this didn't make any difference (the problem remained) so I think it's not the Monolingual app to blame.


      My version:

      Adobe Fireworks CS5 version with patch 'Fireworks CS5 11.0.2 Updater' applied.



      Mac OS X Lion (from clean install) on MacBookAir. I've not installed Spotify (which seems to cause a lot of keyboard problems as well). This is a brand new MacBookAir with limited software installed. Software that is constantly running (and thus could be the cause) are: Growl, Dropbox, iChat, Firefox, Chrome. When closing all these the problem remains