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    Own background disappears


      I am running Premiere Elements 9.  I have created a project and got to the created DVD stage.  I replaced the background of the menus with my own image.  I cut the DVD but the menu images retain the original background.  I used the "faux widescreen" template.  Originally I had a "stop" menu marker but have now removed it but without any difference.  Any ideas?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several Menu Sets, where the ability to add custom Images will just not work. There are several threads on this Bug, and one user, ATR, has compiled a list of those faulting Menu Sets.


          One can Open the Menu Sets' PSD files in Photoshop, or PSElements, add the background images there, and then Save_As to a new folder, and use the modified Menu Sets in PrE 9.


          I would also file a Bug Report, as others have done, so that Adobe will be motivated to fix this issue.


          Good luck,



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            NewToPremiereElements Level 1

            Thanks Bill.  I'll check out the list and will file a bug report.


            I'll also follow your suggestion of using Photoshop.


            Thanks again.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Also please file the Bug Report. Others already have, but Adobe uses those to prioritize their "fixes," so the more they get, the higher up their list of "To Do" things, this problem gets - remember, "only one per customer."


              It works the same with the other side of that form, the Feature Request. If 5000 users want something, it will get higher priority, than a feature that only I want.


              Good luck, and sorry for the news on the Menu Sets. At least there is a "fix" for the issue, but it requires and Image editing program, and a few additional steps. One tip: when working in Photoshop, make sure to Scale any personal Image to fit the Aspect Ratio of the Menu Sets.