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    Preloading the actual Strobe media player SWF...


      Hi, all...I'm a new coder, so please forgive me if this is a obvious question.


      I've had great success customizing and using the OSMF media player. I modified it in Flash Builder 4 and successfully recompiled it. Problem is, the resulting SWF is 234KB. That's because (I've been told) I'm including just about every bit of functionality that the player is able to deliver.


      Eventually, I'd like to trim it down so that I'm only using those portions I need. But in the meantime, can anyone provide guidance on how I would insert a preloader for the SWF itself? So, on a slow connection, while the user is waiting for the actual player SWF to load, there is some kind of feedback that it is loading?  (I'm emphasizing the SWF because I have no problem with the way the video loads and plays...my concern is that before that even happens, users are staring at an empty space waiting for the player itself to load).


      I've done dozens of preloaders in Flash Professional, but I'm having trouble tramsferring that knowledge to this particular Flash Builder project.


      Any help would be much appreciated...thanks!