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    4 to 5.5 conversion quirks - how to change


      Questions of how to change a few small things in ID5.5 so they will work the way they did in ID4. Hopefully just preferences.


      ID4 used to double click photo box and the open select tool would appear to adjust text wrap, not in ID5.5


      ID4 when selecting multiple text & photo boxes it didnt automatically group them. Used to be able to adjust one of the boxes within all that were selected. ID5.5 tries to scale them all and shows a group looking box around them.


      ID4 adjust the size of one box and immediately selct another. ID5.5 doesn't always let you select another box without first deselecting.


      How can I turn of the "bullseye" over the photo boxes


      ID4 Shift+Option+Command used to scale a photo box from one corner, now it adjusts from all four corners equally.