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    Find/Change not locating glyphs in other language

    RJW_Met Level 1

      I'm working on final corrections on a file with both Arabic and English type. (The Arabic was supplied by an outside typesetter using Middle Eastern InD.) I'm trying to search for instances of a particular Arabic character so it can be replaced with a different form, and even though I can locate the character in the Glyph panel (and replace it manually by double clicking), I need to see if the character shows up elsewhere in the document. But no matter what I've tried I can't get Find/Replace to find it, even when I use "load glyph into find" or enter the unicode or GID number. This happens even if the letter I'm looking for is right there in front of me. Any suggestions? Thank you. I'm using 7.0/CS5 on a Mac with 10.5.8.