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    Pre-Rendering issue

    TheFosterHouse Level 1

      I've been having this issue in CS5 and was wondering of anyone could help me figure out how to fix it. AE is rendering every layer in a comp, even if there's another layer covering the entire workspace. For example: I've rendered a QT movie from a complicated Comp, but I noticed that there's an issue a couple seconds in but only lasts for a few frames. So I import the rendered movie, place it at layer #1 in the comp that I just rendered and Lift the section out of the movie that had the problem. I then fix the issue in the comp source and re-render. Now, in every version of AE that I've used, since the movie is at the top layer and covers the entire composition, nothing below the movie is computed or rendered until the render gets to the gap in the movie. Once the gap is rendered, the progress bar zooms on to the end because it's only rendering from a movie. For Some reason, CS5 renders everything, regardless of if there's a movie or other layer covering the entire comp. Here's an easy way to replicate:

      1. New Comp: create a Solid.
      2. duplicate the solid.
      3. to the Solid on layer 2, apply Particle Playground.
      4. duplicate this solid about 10 times

      Result: the Comp still calculates every layer, even though there's still a solid at layer one covering the entire comp and that every layer with particle playground applied to it is being rendered.

      I'm using Particle Playground as an placeholder for something heavily computaional. I've searched the forums and found only slight mentions of this issue with no solutions. anyone got any suggestions?