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    Reader won't print files scheduled from a Windows 2003 Task


      We are having an odd problem I'd like to know if someone can help with.  We have several SQL Server reports set up to create PDFs at specific times each day.  Following these times, we have scheduled tasks in Windows 2003 to run batch files to start Acrobat Reader and print the files.  This worked for months and then on August 1st we ran into problems.


      If we run the batch file manually, you can see Reader start and the files print.  If we're logged into the server with the account the tasks run under, Reader will send the PDFs to the printer.  However, if we are not logged into the server, then Reader doesn't send the files to the printer.  I know this is some issue with Reader because if I REM out the lines that start Reader and print the files and instead just print a text file then it works just fine.


      Thursday, 8/4/2011, I was able to get the Reader version of the batch files to work by forcing the close of AcroRd32.exe from the task list.  It successfully sent PDFs to the printer while we were not logged into the server.  I tested this on multiple printers several times.  However, by Monday it had quit working again.


      Does anyone have any ideas for a fix?


      Thank you,


      ---------------------------------- BATCH FILE -----------------------------

      CALL START /MIN AcroRd32.exe


      Start AcroRd32.exe /p /t MDRHIT003_Errors.pdf \\OMCPRINT01\AMH_Suite140Color_4650


      rem print /D:\\OMCPRINT01\AMH_Suite140Color_4650 test.txt