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    Word 2003 to InD CS3

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      I've seen a few posts regarding Word styles not coming in quite right to InD. I'm not seeing quite the wacky things some people are seeing but there is one thing that keeps coming up.


      When imported the main text style has a paragraph override of no tab stops. Even though in Word they clearly have the tab stops that match the Word style. In fact the tabs are set the same in Word and InDesign as the Word template is designed to mimic the setting in InDesign.


      I've tried reapplying the style in Word to ensure that the paragraph is exactally like the style, but nothing I do seems to fix it. I've also tried saving as RTF, but get the same result.


      Until now we've had extensive macros that run on the Word files and create InDesign tagged text files. This ensure that nothing "stray" will come in from Word but were hoping to avoid all that crunching and code writing when coming from the new Word template.


      Any idea why just the tabs are coming in as overridden?


      Many thanks,


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          Ken Krugh Level 1

          Been banging this around a bit and think I found a decent solution.


          The scenario is that we have Word files that have the same style name as our InDesign file, but we were getting overrides coming in from Word even though the styles in the two programs were nearly identical. We are currently still in CS3 with this particular series but CS5 had similar issues. I think at least part of the problem are the so called "default" tabs in the Word doc.


          In InDesign, instead of telling the Word import filter to use the InDesign styles we told it to automatically rename. This puts "_wrd_#" at the end of the incoming style name where the "#" increments as a number. If you then delete those incoming styles and equate them to the corresponding InDesign style it works fantabulously. It keeps the overrides that were done in Word without any extra overrides on the other paragraphs.


          Hoping this might help someone else.


          All the Best,