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    AttributeEx object?

    OliverJohn Level 2

      Does anyone know what the AttributeEx object is?


      I didn't see it in the FDK ref, just in the new ExtendScript documentation and OMV released last week. Unfortunately, in both sources the definition is given as "An Array of AttributeEx objects with integer indexing and a  length  property", which I assume is the definition for some other, not-listed object.


      It seems to have all the same properties as a regular Attribute, plus a property named overriddenFlags. Also, the default values for valflags, allow, and overriddenFlags are not zero.

      Admittedly more curiosity than anything. Wild speculation welcome.

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          Michael Müller-Hillebrand Level 4



          This was added in FrameMaker 10 and is roughly described in the fm10_fdk_supplement.pdf, the omv.xml contains only this:



          Adobe FrameMaker-10 Object Model

          An Array of AttributeEx objects with integer indexing and a  length  property.


          The FDK supplement goes on with:



          Describes an individual attribute. The new members added to the existing structure F_AttributeT are for internal purpose. Do not use the new members.


          typedef struct F_AttributeExT {

            StringT name;

            F_StringsT values;

            F_StringsT originalValues; /* Internal purpose. */

            UByteT valflags;  /* validation error flags - R/O */

            UByteT allow; /* allow validation error as special case*/

            UByteT overriddenFlags; /* Internal purpose. */

          } F_AttributeExT;


          I guess "Ex" is "Extended" in this name.


          - Michael