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    Error File not Found in CS 5.5


      When I go to open up PP CS 5.5 it provides a list of possible projects I can open up. Click on a project and it opens accordingly. However, over the past 2 days it has become problematic. I can click on the listed project but I now receive an error message: Error file not found. PP will not open up. I haven't moved any files, folders or projects around. I have simply closed the project, quit PP and then opened it again when wanting to edit. I have tried opening up the auto saved project file and I receive the same message?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Will Premiere Pro open if you create a new project? If it will, try importing your original project into the new one.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            What if you try to open the project by double-clicking on it to start Premiere Pro, not opening Premiere Pro first and clicking the entry in the welcome screen?


            What if you open Premiere Pro, create a new project and then go to File > Open Project?


            What I'm getting at is that it seems like Premiere Pro isn't finding the project from the welcome screen, which is very different from Premiere Pro not being able to open the project file.

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Are you using any external disk drives for anything project related?

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                Bliksem7 Level 1

                Hi Todd both your solutions (and the one suggested by Colin) works initially. Dbl click the project file and it opens PPro.  However, I tried this on another project which has a 3rd party pllugin (Smartsound Sonic Fire Pro) in it. Things get interesting with Smartsound being activated with me unable to quit out of it and I am not able to access Premier Pro. I have to Force Quit both programs. Then when I try to dbl click on the program that opened up OK the error message returns: File format not supported. There is no Smartsound file involved in this project? Same thread? New thread? many thanks for your responses