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    InDesign and Windows 7 on laptop


      Hello all. I have Indesign CS5. It is installed on both my desktop and my laptop, of which both have the Windows 7 Professional OS.


      Problem: The workspace panels do not function on the laptop. I can close the panels and open them but I cannot click on a specific page or master. I cannot choose a swatch. I cannot select a stroke value, etc etc. If I draw a rectangle on a blank document, I cannot use the tool panel and select the pointer tool, I have to use keyboard shortcut "v." And even after doing such and clicking on the rectangle I cannot assign it a color from the swatch panel or anything. Basically Indesign is a worthless application on my laptop and I NEED it.


      Attempted solutions include: use a mouse instead of finger pad, use a different mouse, reinstall Indesign, uninstall and reinstall Indesign, uninstall and reinstall the entire CS5 Design Premium Suite.


      All other programs appear to work fine: Bridge, Photoshop, etc.


      Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance!