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    Indesign Windows 7 Epson 7880 - I need some help please


      My PC crashed last month and I have just installed Windows7 64bit - then installed updated drives for my Epson 7880 - I now find I cannot print anything longer than 1.2m. These are indesign files that I have printed in the past with no problems. I decided that there may have been some incompatability with CS3 and have downloaded a trial of CS5 and have the same result. In the preview the bottom half of the image is missing - the printable area displays as the correct size but the image is missing for anything over 1.2m. The whole image does not preview or print.....have tried everything I can think of but can't see what might be causing this...have also tried setting the print up from photoshop with the same result.....any idea greatfully received

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          If you get the same result from Photoshop it's highly likely it's a printer driver problem, have you checked that you are using the latest version?  If not the driver then the next suspect is the printer itself, have you tried printing to it from another computer?

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            mungarru Level 1

            thanks stix

            I have been back thru everything to be sure what is actually happening  - all long images (over approx 1.2m) print Ok out of photoshop from both my laptop (XP Prof) & the new Window7 64 PC but the long prints only print from InDesign CS3 on my laptop I can't get them to print from either CS3 or CS5 from the new PC. The preview in Indesign looks fine on CS5 but when it goes to the Epson 7880 preview the bottom section of the print is missing - printable area is fine but the bottom part is blank.....

            I can get away with printing single images out of PH but its the long multi image setups that I use Indesign for.....any ideas?