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    Flash Builder, Flex SDK 4.1 and OSMF versions




      I use Flash Builder (4.5) and have to use the 4.1 Flex SDK to make AIR apps for TV sets. The OSMF lib provided in the 4.1 SDK doesnt meet my needs, but the 4.5 version does. However, when I add another OSMF.swc version to my libraries, I get a Conflict error and cannot compile the app. If to prevent conflicts I remove the native OSMF.swf (Properties -> Flex Buid Path -> Remove) then Flash Builder signals an error (red cross aside the project in the project explorer), but won't say where it is. Of course it will not compile either.


      Any idea ?

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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee



          There's some information in the release notes on how to compile the OSMF sources; they usually apply also to OSMF-based projects.


          We usually delete physically that library from the file system and make sure that the project point to the right OSMF.swc.


          Also, please set the minimum FP version to 10.2.0 in the compiler settings.


          If these do not help, let me know.

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            OK but this is not a Flash projet, it is an AIR project, so I have no way (or I don't know how) to force the compiler to set the minimum version to FP 10.2

            Also, I think the 4.1 Flex SDK is capped at FP 10.1, should I also manually add the libraries to the 10.2 player ?


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              If I had to summarize my problem in ten words :

              With Flex 4.5 SDK and AIR 2.6 SDK I can stream dynamic http in the VideoPlayer element, but it won't play on a Samsung TV.

              With Flex 4.1 SDK and AIR 2.6 SDK I can launch the app on a Samsung TV, but the VideoPlayer element won't play any dynamic http stream.


              I assume this problem comes from OSMF because it is the library supposedly handling the dynamic streaming. I just can't make it work within Flex 4.1 :

              If I delete the native osmf.swc and remove it from the Flex Build Path properties, Flash Builder won't compile, claiming there is an error, even if I add other more recent osmf.swc.

              If I don't delete it and still add another one, either I get a conflict error or a "not found" error. either way it won't compile.