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    URGENT Please help flash 8 components

    Tonyp19732 Level 1
      I have written a .exe application that has a email submission form at the end, the form is built up of flash 8 components. The component ids are as follows:


      On my submit code i have passed the fields using this method

      fname = fname.text;
      femail = femail.text;
      fmessage = fmessage.text;
      fcountry = fcountry.text;
      fsubject = fsubject.text;

      This is perfect and works first time no problems. My problem is becasue the flash .exe never closes the component id's are stuck at the last setting which is i.e. fname = fname.text; when the form comes round again it doesnt work becasue its stuck at fname = fname.text;

      I need to tell the flash program to forget this after i have submitted it and return it to fname.text = fname.text;

      Please can you help, i'm pulling hair now and ive got a deadline to sort this out :/

      If the swf was on a webpage this wouldnt be a problem becasue the swf gets loaded each time the page is refershed, but becasue it's a .exe and never gets closed its stuck this way after being run first.