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    Dynamic Link Issues - Pr to AE then back to Pr


      Hi all, I'm having issues using Dynamic Link. I'm guessing I'm missing a step so can someone please help.


      Here is my process int he most basic sense:


      1.) Create new project in Pr.

         1a.) Cut and edit clip


      2.) File > Adobe Dynamic Link > New AE Composition


      3.) Open up Pr project in AE (via the Dynamic Link)


      4.) Add effects to clip


      5.) File > Export > Adobe Pr Pro Project


      I can then add it to my project panel and preview the footage, but when i try to add it to my timeline it won't let me.


      What step(s) am I missing?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What step(s) am I missing?


          Rendering?! Your workflow makes no sense at all after step 4.. You're just shuffling around project data and mistakenly assume that Premiere would be able to render effects it doesn't have - but then again you wouldn't have needed AE in the first place, would you? You're trying to build a circular chain, which cannot work...



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            Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

            More appropriate ways of working with Dynamic Links:


            1. When you start with PrPro

            1.1. So as to build a brand new composition from scratch choose Adobe Dynamic Link -> New After Effects Composition...

            Done! Just do what you want in AE - dynamically linked composition is already in your PrPro Project panel, you may treat it as an ordinary clip.

            1.2. So as to add effects to a clip or a group of clips select them in the timeline, right-click and choose Replace with After Effects Composition

            Done! Your dynamically linked composition is in the right place in the timeline. PrPro will automatically update all changes you do in AE.


            2. When you start with AE

            - Build a composition from scratch.

            - In PrPro choose Adobe Dynamic Link -> Import After Effects Composition...

            Done! The composition is in your Project panel.


            See more help about Adobe Dynamic Link


            P.S. Do not rely on Dynamic Link while building quite 'heavy' AE compositions. Render out lossless intermediate instead.