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    Flex iBook App


      Hi All


      I am developing an app that allows users to open their PDF files on iPad2. I am using StageWebView to show PDF file on my mobile application(using Flex 4.5 for IOS app development). So far I have managed to show the PDF file and easily dispose SWV when user click on a close button

      Issue: I'm trying to provide a list view for the PDF file rather than single page view and I'm also trying to enable users to boomark a page on the PDF document. Basically I'm trying to build a light version of iBook.

      Is there any way to do these kind of things in Flex?


      I have another question which could be used as an alternative to the first issue:
      When we open a PDF file in safari, an action bar appears on top of the document that shows the document name and a "Open in iBook" button. is any way to show this action bar on StageWebView in the Flex app and then open the PDf in iBook?




      Many thanks in advance for your help.