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    Need urgent help, paragraphs is messing up




      When I write in a text box I have recieved a big probem which i cant figure out how to solve.


      The problem is when i insert a symbol like () for instance or click "space "the cursor jumps to the start of the line:


      In example


      "The product is a great design (B&O)"


      when i type: (B&O) the curser jumps to the start so it looks like this


      "(B&O)The product is a great design"


      The problem does not occure if i hit "enter" only if i put in a symbol or click "space".


      I really hope someone can help me asap, as it's really urgent.


      For information the version is Indesign 5.5 and its an arabic version, so when I start the program it starts up with arabian characters as default, but then I can change it to Danish.


      I think its a paragraph issue but I'm not sure.


      Thx for your help





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I would start with repalacing the preferences: Replace Your Preferences


          It sounds, though like you are using the Middle East version? if so this could possibly be a problem with text direction specifications, or it might also be a problem with multiple language keyboard layouts and hitting some key combination switching either language or direction without you realizing it.


          I don't have the ME version, and work only in English, so I can't offer a lot of advice about solutions if that's what is happening. What OS are you using? That will help, possibly, in diagnosing things further. If you haven't already, you should also install the 7.5.1 update if it is available for your version.