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    Missing character options?


      Hi I have downloaded the trial for InDesign CS5.5 and am currently following a tutorial from Lynda in an attempt to learn the program. I have gotten to the stage which discusses changing characters but am a little miffed as to what seems to be some missing options when compared to the video tutorial.

      I am hoping the image below will show the comparison of my options on the right to the video tutorial on the left. As you can see I do not have drop down options in the font type menu which contain italic bold etc. Also the actual seperate drop down for selecting italic, bold etc doesn't seem to contain the full list of options which should be available. Here the tutorial uses Chaperral Pro as an example, which contains the options for Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic, whereas in my main drop down I only have Regular or Bold options. The same applies for other fonts I have tested. Any ideas?



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          InDesign doesn't show options for any font, it only shows fonts that are installed.


          That is, where a 'user-friendly' program such as Word happily offers you bold and italics for any of your fonts -- slanting and bolding them beyond recognition --, in InDesign you will only see real, actually drawn fonts. If you cannot see an Italics, that's because you don't have the Italic version installed. (That said, of course it's possible to mimick Word's behavior, but in doing so you should be fully aware of what you are doing.)


          In this case, it seems you don't have those font variants installed. You might want to double-check, in your Windows Fonts folder, and if they aren't there either you could check your installation DVDs -- I'm not sure but I have a full complement of Chaparral Pro, 6 fonts from Light to Bold.

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            Oh well, forget the above. All of it.


            You are comparing apples and, uh, something else than apples here. The video shows the font menu drop down (in the Type menu). You didn't use the menu but clicked the toolbar font dropdown list, and while that works as well (you can select the font style in that other dropdown list immediately below it), it's a bit different.

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              danfitchie Level 1

              Ahh I thought I was ok after your first reply as I checked my fonts from control panel and I don't seem to have the font in question installed, now I am slightly confused! So are you now saying I should be able to select these options or not? The options are not selectable from the drop down immediately below either.

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                If you don't have the fonts, you don't have the options. If you check your system and cannot see those fonts, they are not installed. (You should double-check, because on rare occasions InDesign forgets to update its font cache and refuses to use freshly installed fonts.)

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                  danfitchie Level 1

                  Thanks again!

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                    danfitchie Level 1

                    Sorry to add to the confusion, I didn't do my checking properly. I didnt realise that the control panel in windows groups the fonts so that double clicking the icon reveals the styles inside. I do infact have the italic versions and all other versions of the fonts in question, but they do not show up in InDesign. They are not newly installed but I am currently looking at clearing the cache.