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    How to add information to header of request




      i am new Flex. I am facing one issue releated to request.


      While making request i want to add one token ,this can be validated at server side to check the request is  valid or not.

      But am unable to add this information to header of request


      Following is the peice of code whic is am using:



      var httpService:HTTPService = new HTTPService();

      httpService.url = url;

      httpService.method = method;

      // TO DO: adding timer and transcation array

      if(resultHandler != null){

      httpService.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, resultHandler);


      if(faultHandler != null){

      httpService.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, faultHandler);



      httpService.headers={"securi_token","0683b713-8529-45fd-a930-de132a87b171"};   // random genarated nuimber





      This is not working .Please help !!!!