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    Textbox format

    DanMun Level 1

      Is there a script to double space a form textbox?

      Is there also a way to "link" textboxes, i.e. have text run over to another text box on the next page?



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          DanMun Level 1

          I found the answer to the first questin is anyone is interted.  It is the following script from jay fresno:


          // Move to next field when this one is full
          if (event.fieldFull) {


          Script goes in the custom keystroke window of the first textbox.  You must set the font size (not auto and remove scroll text-works great.(Acrobat 9)


          Now for the answer to questin 2:



          How do you format for double space in a text box

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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The spacing in a text box can't be changed. If you want, you can create a

            script to insert a space between each character after the user has entered a

            value, using the Format event.

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              maxwyss Level 4

              If you set the richText field property to true, you can control the line spacing (preferrably in each Span object you will use. If line spacing is the only "non-standard" attribute you need, one single Span object is sufficient, and that will keep things simpler.


              More about the richText property and the Span object's properties can be found in the Acrobat JavaScript documentation.


              Hope this can help.


              Max Wyss.