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    combo box

    jonnybennett Level 1
      Problem: I have a m.c. that has a combo box in it. However when you attach this m.c. the first time it is fine, if using removeMovieClip and remove it... fine, however when you try and re-attach the m.c. all hell breaks loose. If I remove the combo box from the m.c. everything attachs and detaches perfectly, so it is the combo box causing the problems.... Any ideas????

      thanks jonny

      Feel free to ignore the following rant....
      does anyone have any script for their own combo box as for possibly the millioneth time I have gotten stuck using the copments combo box as it causes so many bugs. When I discover an error in my swf, you would think by now I would have learnt to test the combo box as being the problem first instead of 4 hours into testing for the problem.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            jonnybennett Level 1
            Thanks kglad,

            Your combo box has inspired me to create my own. I'm not sure why I havent in the past... probably lazyness. It is also under 1k in size... perfect... and even more perfect it doesn't cause any bugs.

            I still can't work out the cause of my initial problem as I have tried creating a simple example of the problem attaching and re-attaching m.c. with comboboxs and they work perfectly. However if I dont remove the comboBox from the mc in my real movie it starts acting strangely. Solution... dont use the components!. Thanks J.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              yes, components are problematic. but if you try and create one you can see how it would be difficult to anticipate all the ways people would want to use it. plus, you start adding "features" (like responding to the enter key) and those features start causing problems for users that may want to use the enter key for something else.

              i really think components should be like simple movieclips that you can add to your swf and can edit easily and customize easily. but that's just me.