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    Resize run-time window



        how can I publish so that the size of the movie follows the available size of the web reader window?

      Also including manual resizing done by the user.

      I have used Captivate for several years but always encapsulated the material in another tool, which do handle the rezise.

      I got one tip to change the fixed size described in the .htm to


      SWFObject("CustomerJourney.swf","Captivate", "100%", "100%", "10", "#CCCCCC");

      but nothing happened in IE nor in Chrome ..


      I can not find any parameters anywhere on how to do this.


      BR Pär

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You'll find this in the companion HTML-file that is created when you publish to Flash. Here is an example of part of such a file, that normally is set to the resolution in pixels of the CP-project:





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            ParLju Level 1

            Hi Lilybiri,

              exactly, and I have even changed the default .hmt-file with 100% .. but it does not do anything at all in the runtime window. Tried Chrome, IE and firefox but no resize. In my testfile I have the following command:

              var so = new SWFObject("00 - basbilder - grund 08-07.swf", "Captivate", "100%", "100%", "10", "#CCCCCC");


            any other ideas of what I should try?

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              ParLju Level 1

              Just add a bit of additional info. Locally (own computer) this did not work but after upload to webserver the resized worked as expected.

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                caphow Level 1

                Hi Lilybiri


                same problem with captivate 5. No resize. Also tried to replace fixed size with 100%, but no resize after upload to an LMS.


                Does anybody know, if there isn't an easier way? Is there an export function in captivate to set the window to resize (As in Flash)?


                Thank you!