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    Advice needed - graphics card for After Effects & Premiere Pro


      Hello all,


      I've been researching PC's hoping to make an investment in the most powerful PC I can afford without breaking the bank, and I need some opinions.  From my research online it would appear that the best setup for video editing would include an Intel i7 processor and an nVidia GeForce GTX 590 graphics card.


      The problem is that every computer I see that has this combo is significantly more expensive than other computers that have an Intel i7 and GeForce GTX 570.  The best bang for my buck I found was from HP--it had an Intel i7 processor but only a GeForce GTX 550 graphics card.


      My question to you all is this: how much of a difference do these graphic cards make in terms of actual speed and cutting down work time & rendering time in After Effects & Premiere Pro CS5/CS5.5?  Is it worth the extra $300-$400 to get the GTX 590?  Or would that only serve to knock off a miniscule few minutes off of rendering times/software performance?  Furthermore, could I get away with fast speeds and rendering times with a GTX 550?


      To give you an idea of what I'm using this software for: I work on HD DSLR wedding videos, occasionally with several layers of effects going on, and lots of transitions; I'll be working on videos ranging from a few minutes in length to upwards of 45 minutes in length.


      I appreciate any input anyone has.  Thank you in advance, and kindest regards!