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    Making Flat Files for CHM Output




      We are working with Robohelp 9 (and Framemaker 10). We are creating a CHM file as output. In the past, we used Webworks and when we created the CHM file, it used a flat strucuture, meaning all the files were in the root directory.  However, in Robohelp, the CHM output files are in folders, not the root level. Is there a way to create the CHM output so that the files are in the root directory of the CHM file? The context sensitive help in out application is setup based on the URL in the CHM file. We don't want to have to include the directory path, if possible. I tried setting the Flat option in the .HHP file to Yes. However, when generating the output from Robohelp, it overwrites this option.  Does anyone know of a way to flatten the files for CHM output? I don't necessary want all the robohelp files in the same root directory, just store all the files that are part of the ouput in the CHM file.