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    Radial Gradient gets pixellated after rendering

      Whenever I render my movie the radial gradient is pixellated and circles appear as the colors change.
      The ramp settings are:
      Start ramp 620, 209
      Start color:192c7c
      End ramp: 640, 1000
      End color: 00000
      Ramp scatter: 0.0  (I tried with a higher scatter, but that made it worse) I am sure you know that.
      Blend w. orig: 0%
      I rendered the movie as H.264 and when I scrub through a preview you cannot tell at all their are circles..it is not nearly as bad when i render it as a .mov, but it needs to be used on a PC and h.264 creates it into a mp4.
      Any thoughts?
      radial gradient.png