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    AIR application failed to run after upgrading AIR to




      I have just upgraded AIR to the current on in the morning, but found the applications we have deployed on http://workoutsoft.com/Downloads.html (the first two) failed to start. Applicaiton download and installation are fine, but they just fail to start. On Mac, the application icon shows up for about 2 second and then goes away. On Windows 7, nothing shows up after the application is invoked. However, these applications work well in the former version of AIR.


      Also, on Mac, I can find the crash report. It is very weird.



      Please help,






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          OK, I have narrowed the problem down to the image load issue. In my application, I load the image data existing in a bytearray. It works perfectly on 2.6. However, the same function failes on 2.7


          Here is the code:


          public class ByteArrayImage extends Image




                         public function ByteArrayImage()






                         public function loadBytes(bytes:ByteArray, context:LoaderContext = null):void



                                                  context = new LoaderContext();


                                             //     context.allowLoadBytesCodeExecution = true;




                                   this.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onBytesLoaded);






                         private function onBytesLoaded( e:Event ):void



                                        trace("all done");




          The debuger crash right after "this.load(bytes)" is called. And this is not crash report.