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    Application works fine as a .swf but not as a .air




      I recently started work on a small application to guide our student workers through finding the MAC addresses on video game consoles. Essentially this is a glorified slide show but allows our workers to go step-by-step with the clients to guide them through locating the MAC address for all the major consoles (xbox 360, PS3, wii, etc). The problem I am running into is when it exports as an SWF every things works fine and dandy, but once I export it as an Air application (.exe or .app) the program becomes extremely buggy.


      Buggy in the sense that we have a next button and a back button and once the back button is hit the program starts randomly pulling buttons from other scenes and places them in the wrong scene. Im new to the forums so I'm not sure what I should post in terms of demonstrating the error. I could make a short video and upload it to youtube for better reference or I could post some images but any help would be greatly appreciated.