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    SummaryRow in Adv.Datagrid not allowing IHierarchicalCollectionView sorting




      I am using flex builder version # 3.0 and sdk version # 3.5


      I have adv. datagrid where I need to display the records in sorting order. I want to sort only first column.

      In my first column, I am displaying Parent-->Child-->Child (strategyOrder-->parentFundName-->lotInvestmentDate) grouping structure.

      Sorting was working fine when I was using below code,



      var sort:Sort = new Sort();

      sort.fields = [new SortField("strategyOrder"),new SortField("parentFundName"),new SortField("lotInvestmentDate")];

      IHierarchicalCollectionView(fundsdg.dataProvider).sort = sort;



      Here, fundsdg is the adv. datagrid.


      But when I tried to apply summary row on parentFundName grouping level , the ordering is getting disturbed.

      I don't know what is the relationship between IHierarchicalCollectionView and Grouping Summary Row.


      I appreciate if anyone can help me to solve this problem.