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    Question from Peter Grainge's R-L webhelp workaround procedure




      I have a follow-up question to the Right to Left languages procedure posted on Peter Grainge's page.


      The link to the procedure is here:




      Under the assumptions, one of the bullet point states:


      "The topics in your original left to right project do not use any  RoboHelp specific features such as conditional build tags, snippets and  variables. It may be possible to use these features with additional  steps but that is outside the scope of these procedures."


      My group is investigating using this procedure to generate right-to-left languages, which RoboHelp does not natively support. And we would be using build tags and variables extensively in our documentation.


      Has anyone successfully used this procedure before with variables and build expressions for R to L languages and if so, can they provide any additional steps that may be required or point a link to these steps? Or, if perhaps, Peter Grainge can answer here. This could be a potential deal breaker for us from using this workaround.