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    Flash Builder buttonMode = true not working


      Hi, I am having a really strange issue where I can't get any hand cursors to come up in Flash Builder. Anybody else have this problem. I ran into a situation where I've had to convert a ton of Flash Builder projects just to get the hand cursors to come up. Weird this is if I open the swf's in Flash the hand cursors will show up. Once they get on the web though, though don't work. It's almost as if the buttonMode property will not work in swf's compiled in Flash Builder. I've tried with Flash Builder 4 and 4.5 and no luck. I told a friend, and he didn't believe me. So I asked him to just do a simple test in Flash Builder to create a Sprite and add it to the stage, add a click listener, and set it's buttonMode to true. He has the same problem, no hand cursor. I've even tried to set useHandCursor true with buttonMode, etc.... to no avail. Any help? Thanks!