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    Automatically "show" file structure using MapID calls


      I know this has to have been covered somewhere, but I can't find it for the life of me.


      I have a project that I'm providing MapID calls for HTML links. Pretty basic.

      What I -want- to do is make it so that when the user clicks the link with the MapID, it shows the full project with contents and index in addition to the content.


      My previous links look like:


      http://support.greatcompany.com/en/UserHelp/GreatcompanyHelp.htm#Introduction/1_1_Starter. htm


      My new links look like:



      The difference is the first link shows the Contents bar, Index, TOC, etc.

      The second link doesn't.


      I KNOW there's a way to get the second link to show contents / index / TOC but I can't find it, and I went poking about grainge.org and others.


      A little help?