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    Logitech G13 Gaming Keyboard + CS5 = Bliss

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Hope this is OK to post here.  I have no affiliation with Logitech at all, but I have been using the ShuttlePRO for a long time and have been fairly dissatisfied because it keeps loosing connection with W7 and can't remember my special keystrokes.  So I went out looking and I found something that has sped up my editing A LOT!


      It's the Logitec G13 gaming keyboard.  I have remapped all my right-side-of-the-keyboard keys to my new Logitec G13, so now I don't have to take my hand (I'm right handed) off the mouse.  I just got it last week and I think I might be making some more tweaks, but I'm so thrilled with this product and it has increased my editing speed so much that I thought I couldn't sit on this gem.


      I'm still evolving with this, so my keys are still moving around a bit, but here is how I have mine set up which works almost ALL the time.  The only thing I haven't found out how to work good is the arrow keys.  I'm working with some macros and have gotten close, but it doesn't behave exactly like the arrow keys yet.


      Here's my G13 keyboard layout in case anyone's interested.




      All I can say is I wish I had found this sooner.  This makes a great combo device to use with Premiere.  And since there's 3 different keyboard layouts, my next stop is setting up one for AE.


      Hope this helps someone.  The difference between before and after is the same feeling as moving from a 5-year old computer to a new one.... well, almost.  The biggest thing is just retraining your fingers.


      Again, I don't know a signle soul at Logitech or have any other affiliation. I just found a product that makes Premiere fly and I thought some of you might like to know about it.  If I DID have an affiliation with them, I'd have a free one sent out to all you who have helped me out so many times on these forums.  And I'd even send 10 of them to Colin!