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    xml gallery problem??

      I´m using a xml gallery with thumbs . I tried several things but can´t get it work. I want to add links in the textfield. The text in the textfield comes from a .txt file and xml file. I dont know if it´s possible to add links in .txt files or if there is any other way to open urls with links for the different images.

      I hope someone can help me with this..

      file included...
      207 kb

      Very best regards
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          jonnybennett Level 1
          I'm not really sure what you are trying to do. I dont know what you are trying to make a link out of....
          However if you have a movieclip called myPic, and you want it to link to one of your urls loaded from the xml or a .txt file

          myLink= whatever your loaded link from xml or .txt is;