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    Time of Day Timecode Capture

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      I am trying to capture (from tape) footage that was shot with Time of Day timecode (Panasonic DVCPro HD tapes). There are two cameras (multicam) and the timecode needs to sync between the two.


      Now, the issue I'm having is capture.  The timecode seems to be rewritten after capture. The starting TC is correct but as the tape moves through different times of day it loses the original timecode and just keeps on going with more of a 'record run' timecode instead of the timecode from the deck.


      Normally this wouldn't be a problem if I had no synce issues but I need to sync these two cameras together.  Plus I have about 10 hours of footage and there's no time to manually go through each tape to log.


      Any ideas, help, comments, etc?

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          Did you know you can change the TC that Premiere uses for a file?   We do this when syncing files that have timecode set to 00:00:00:00 by using an iPad with a rolling timecode display pointed to the camera before the main 'take'.

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            Yes, that is a method, and we've done that before - this is also a great way to do music videos where you need the TC of the tune.


            But since I'm the editor on this project and the camera crew have chosen TOD timecode to ensure sync on all cameras I have to live with this. Each tape can and does have a multitude of 'broken' timecodes. What I am hoping for is to have Premiere CS5 capture the original timecode from the deck.


            In my old Avid days we could have it capture across TC breaks where it would just start the next clip at the TC break. Plus we could have the deck use Control Track to do the pre roll but still use the TC from the deck on the capture. 99% of the time it worked perfectly (the other 1% problem was when there was an actual blank spot between the takes - like if they removed the tape or watched an earlier take, and then cued past the last recorded image).


            I am using the AJ LHi card and there is no such option.