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    Request to update Master Page when HTML is modified


      I make use of templates, which I guess are now called master pages, to apply a footer to all the topics in a help project. Recently, our help projects were on RoboHelp 7, and we recently upgraded to RoboHelp 9. On RoboHelp 7, I really didn't have many issues with the templates.


      However, since moving to RoboHelp 9, I have noticed a bit of an annoyance.


      When saving a topic, even though no changes are made to the footer, I am asked to apply the changes to the Master Page. I choose to apply the changes, because if I do not apply the changes the Master Page becomes unlinked from the topic, and I have to go through the pain of linking the topic again.


      I noticed then when the Master Page was applied, it changed a hyperlink to a help topic within the Master Page footer. Each time I had to apply the new update to the Master Page, it would include and extra html\ in the link. So the hyperlink started out as


      <a href="html\Example.htm">Example</a>


      Then the next time I was requested to apply the change it became


      <a href="html\html\Example.htm">Example</a>


      An additional html\ would be added with each updated topic. To fix this problem, I took the cue from another post here, and provided this hyperlink in a user defined variable. This seems to have fixed the changing hyperlink issue. It seems a little silly that I have to do this now, but whatever works.


      However, it is still annoying that anytime I save a topic, it requests to update the Master Page. I have noticed that if I work solely in Design View and then save a topic, it does not ask me to update the Master Page. However, if I go to HTML view and make a change, even something as simple as adding a single space, it requests to update the Master Page. Is there any way I can convince RoboHelp into accepting that even though I changed the HTML, I did not change the Master Page?