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    embedded spaces in words


      I am using Adobe Reader Version 9.4.5.  When I select, copy and paste certain content from a pdf file into another tool, say MSWord, Outlook, or even into Adobe Reader's seach box, the words sometimes include embedded spaces.  For example, the word "enterprise" is used many times in the document I'm reading.  However, when I select, copy and paste content that includes that word it sometimes appears as "enterprise", sometimes as "enter prise", and sometimes as "enterp rise", etc.  This means I cannot reliably search for the word "enteprise" and find all the instances because some have embedded spaces.  For example, I'll select, copy and paste one of the offending words "enterprise" right here:


      enterpr ise


      See how it has the embedded space?


      How can I eliminate these embedded spaces so I successfully search the document and find all the instances of the desired word, even though some instances have the embedded space?


      Thanks for your help.