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    Why don't the "Cards" dissapear after completing a task thru SOAP?


      Hi there, I have a process where the last step is an "assign task" step.




      The task is a card in user "X"'s To-Do list.


      User X opens the card and does some stuff (irrelevant).  I want to "close" the card when I programmatically complete the process. I have to use SOAP (authenticated as super administrator) to complete the process and I can successfully complete the process. My problem is, it leaves the card behind and I cannot get rid of the card in the users's To-Do list.


      I have tried both these services and neither solve the problem of removing the card.







      I noticed that even though I modified the security restrictions in the AdminUI console to allow the process to be run as the system account, it doesn't fix the problem.


      Again, I am able to "complete" the process but the damn card is like a residue that just wont go away. If i try to click the complete button on the card after it's associated process has been completed, i get an error popup.


      Any help would be appreciated.





      The error code i get is ALC-WKS-007-074 when I click the complete button for a task related to a terminated process.