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    Submit button on a Mac




      I'm using version 8.2 (etc) on a PC and trying to create a form with a submit button to email back to me (or using the form distribution).

      The form works wonderfully on my PC, but on a Mac, the "Email Submit" button and the "HTTP Submit" buttons have no effect whatsoever I can click on it a hundred times, and nothing happens (and this is both going through email and the form distribution).

      Is there some setting needed to be set for Macs to use this button on the form?


      Thanks for any help.

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          Why not submit to a server-side SCRIPT, and attach the PDF submission to an e-mail message and send SMTP?


          Regardless of OS, the e-mail message w/ PDF attachment will be sent to your inbox!


          For more information: www.pdfemail.net

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            Niall O'Donovan Level 7



            Also make sure that users with the Mac OS are NOT using Apple Preview to open the form. They must use either Acrobat or Reader on the Mac for the JavaScript/functionality to work properly.


            Hope that helps,



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              richardrhyan_cahg Level 1

              The user was using Preview. However, after getting them set up with Acrobat Reader they still have the same problem.


              Also, the tab order is completely out of order on the Mac and jumps around. I'm guessing it might be going in the order the fields were created (it goes in the following order 1,110,111,112,4,2,3,7,8,4,9,5,6... etc).

              I'm thinking that for the tab order, I may need to recreate the entire form.


              As for having the PDF being sent to an inbox. That's not really an option, because multiple people will be accessing the data, and we're using Adobe's distrubited forms service to track the data and import it into a database (and with 100+ fields, it's not something we really want to retype).




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                richardrhyan_cahg Level 1

                I recreated (most of) the document, in an attempt to fix the tab issue.

                Now a Mac user can tab through the fields without a problem, AND the buttons work!!!

                However, when using the Distribution it doesn't work on the web, and they're required to download the form... I'm guessing that might be a compatability issue with Safari, which I'm not going to pursue at this time.