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    A question about "buttons"..?


      Is there any way that you can make a button state (in my example, the OVER state) stay in a particular state until you move on, and press something else.

      In my example i have 10 buttons standing side by side, and when i roll over a button i want it to change into another color. Thats easy enough - but i want the button to stay in that color until i press one of the other buttons.

      Can that be done?



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          That style of button is a referred to as a radio button. Look at that component to see if will fit your interaction needs.



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            JiltedAce Level 1

            Hi Chris.


            Thank you for your answer - I can see that you are infact answering my question perfectly... BUT - I also see now that I have asked the wrong question?

            I wrote that i wanted the OVER state to stay in its current state after i roll away from the button, and that can infact be achieved with your solution - The thing i really need it to do is to change the button to the OVER state when i roll over the button, and stay in that position when i roll out again, so there is no actual clicking the button invovled.

            maybe it would be better to show you what i mean. This is the page im working on www.jiltedace.dk/fahlberg03

            If you go to the page called "Step By Step" you will se a little "film strip" underneath the picture, all those little thumbs are made out of buttons, and when i roll away from the film strip i want the indicator to stay in its current position - can that be done?



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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              Hum. I am going to have to think if this is possible from within Flash Catalyst (or even if it is that is not too complex). The programmer part of my brain is telling me that this is solved best with some code (via Flash Builder).