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    View with states and camera issue

    Don Kerr Level 3

      I have a View with states. The default state is 'testST'.  One of the states, 'camST', is a state where the user can take a picture.


      On Motorola Xoom, after you take the pic and camera closes, it forces a refresh/viewActivate on my entire view, which sets it back to initial state, not camST.  I want it to stay on camST, since I display the captured pic back to the user.


      Right now, I implement a "hack" by setting a previousState string.  if the previous state was camST, then I force it to change to camST.  This works, but is not ideal.


      My concern is different devices do different things when the camera closes.  For example, I don't see this behavior on the Playbook.  Playbook keeps the current state, camST, and doesn't reactivate the entire view.  Why?  Do we have to adjust to the app to response differently when the camera closes?


      Appreciate any feedback if anyone else has seen this type of issue.



      Don Kerr