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    Resource Manager and Project Root


      We have recently upgraded to RH9, and the resource manager is something we were looking forward to making the most of. We have a lot of images that need to be placed in projects (upwards of 500 images in one project, for instance), but because some of these images are the same from one project to another, we wished to link them all to the resource manager. Then, if the image changed, we changed it in one place, synced everything, and it was good to go.


      There is just one flaw with this whole business. When you put an image from the resource manager into the project, the image file is copied to the root of the project folder! We don't need or want 500+ images in the root of the project folder. Is there a way to set up the resource manager so that when an image is placed into a project from the resource manager, it is placed into a folder within the project called Images?


      I noticed with the rhshared...um...sorry, I don't have RH9 on this computer and I'm drawing a blank on the file name, but in that rhshare???.apj file, there is a tag for the location of the file within the resource manager, and then there is a tag for the file when it is placed. However, we can't seem to tell the file to place the images in a specific location without editing the apj file and making another copy of the image in the folder we want it to be in.