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    Why can't I open my document?

    MatthewMusic Level 1

      I have InDesign 5. I worked on a document two days ago and now I get a pop-up saying "Missing Plug-ins," "SharedContent.InDesignPluin" and "The document "Newsletter.indd" uses one or more plug-ins which are not currently available on your system. Do you want to open anyway?"


      Then I click OK and I get a second pop-up saying "Cannot Open File." In the box it says "FormField.InDesignPlugin, XML.InDesignPlugin, Generic Page Item.InDesignPlugin, Text.InDesignPlugIn..." are missing. Then it says "Cannot open 'Newsletter.indd'. Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest verions, or upgrad to the latest verions of Adobe InDesign."


      Can someone explain what's going on. It was working fine when I worked on it the other day.


      Thank you.