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    toc ignores some headings


      Using CS5 , Indesign version 7.0 on Windows 7.  Started a book and when I got to around 3 sections I did a TOC at the beginning of the first section, and it worked just fine through the addition of 9 more sections. I regenerated it numerous times.


      Then it started ignoring the headings it was previously picking up in the section it is in.  Oh no, first it erased everything in the whole section it is in, about 8 pages.  It did that a couple of times (I closed the file without saving each time) and so if I remember correctly I moved the toc into its own frame. Somewhere in there I had moved it in with the rest.  However, now, in a separate frame, it is not erasing everything,(unless I accidentally leave the pointer in the wrong place)  but instead is failing to recognize the text in the remainder of the section, which consists of a series of threaded whole-page  text frames. It is doing all the other 10 book sections just fine, and one of them includesseveral instances the very same style it is supposed to pick up in the first section.   I have double-checked that the correct style is applied, that the style definitions are exactly the same in the two sectins, even created a new style and applied that instead, to no avail.


      Someone did suggest to me the export option for removing minor corruption.  Is this possibly the problem, and could there be any value in exporting just this one section?   As we established in  the thread on this topic, http://forums.adobe.com/message/3854149#3854149 exporting doesn't work for books.


      But it is working fine for the other sections, so I suspect user error.  Possibly related to some adjustments to frames I did at one point?  I will check this and get back, but if anyone has other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!!    

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          TOC must always be its own story or it will replace everything else in the thread. But it sounds like you are doing that now.


          Are you patched to 7.0.4? there were some issues I think, early on with TOC or indexing, so that's the first thing to do if you aren't there yet.


          Esporting that particualr file to.idml may not help, but it definitely won't hurt anything. Also, check the options to include book documents (though I presume you've already done so.

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            pfn4141 Level 1

            I checked for frame overlapping or duplication in master, none of that.

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              pfn4141 Level 1

              Sorry could you explain "patched to ......."  please? 


              It's been doing book documents all along, no problem -- by 11 sections, I mean 11 documents.   Will try the exporting till get answer to above.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Current version is 7.0.4. If you haven't installed that patch, do so.

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                  pfn4141 Level 1

                  Exported the document pages 1-8, including the TOC on p.1.  Gave it a new name.  When I tried to add it to the book, IDsaid convert it to an ID file, so I did, then added to book, removed file it replaced from book, synchronized and updated TOC.  Still starts on p.10.  Took new file out and replaced old one, then


                  got the update 7.0.4 for CS5. Updated TOC.   No change.    Help!!!

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Try deleting the TOC story and the frames it occupied, then rebuild it from scratch. Does the first doc really start on page 1 or whatever and it's skipping those headings, or is it just renumbering the pages incorrectly?

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                      pfn4141 Level 1

                      Hi thanks for answering.  Yes the document I am talking aboutt starts on page 1 of the book.Well, actually p. 2 which is another problem I don't want to get into.


                      Here is a partial list of what I have tried since above communication with no effect:

                      1) I moved the document containing the TOC to the middle of the book.  It repaginates just fine. Redoing the TOC no effect.


                      2) I delete the TOC completely.  Rebuild from scratch.  It still fails to pick up the headings on what were pp 2-8 (now twenty something ).


                      3) Delete the entire TOC frame, rebuild, with a new TOC style given a different name.


                      4) Create a new paragraph style to apply just to the TOC title, which previously was same style as headings it wasn't picking up (which, by the way, was working to creae the TOC's title)-- just in case it was "confusing" to have same style applied inside TOC as in rest of document.


                      5) Delete the TOC from the document pp 1-8 (Front Materials)  Build TOC from scratch in the Back Materials section (document) which is last of the 11 documents in the book.  Now this is weird.  It first of all refused to put the TOC in the separate frame I created for it there (and yes I did have the pointer in that frame each time).  I did this several times, closing and not saving the document between times.  Each time it insisted on creating the TOC in the story already existing before I made the frame for it.  The pointer actually jumped down into the other story -- and of course the story itself was erased each time.  And the TOC picked up the headings in Back Materials where it was now sitting, even though it no longer existed; and did not pick up the ones in Front Materials - i.e. the same problem.


                      I am out of ideas along these lines.  My next idea is to take the file and try it on my other computer which I seldom use but where I did install ID..


                      OK and I will try rebuilding the entire document from scratch.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        These headings are the actual text in the corpus of the file, not special non-printing tags, right?


                        Just for good measure, verify that the style applied in the text is really the one you think it should be. It's beginning to sound like you may have a differnt style applied, perhaps one that is named very similarly (style names are case sensitive, for example), and THAT style is not being included.

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                          pfn4141 Level 1

                          Yes I did check and re-check styles, that the headings were in the style specified in the TOC style.  Just for interest's sake, the very same headings were specified for Front Materials AND Back Materials, and it was getting the Back ones but not the Front ones.  So of course I checkedand re-checked the Style definitions and specifications in minute detail to see if they were the same, and they were.


                          Even more, I just rebuilt Front Materials from scratch - frames and everything, just going from the Master.  Copied the Story in from the copy with nonfunctioning TOC.  So styles were identical.  AND IT WORKS!!


                          And for interest's sake, before I did that, I moved the preferences files (InDesign Defaults and Saved Data files) in accordance with thread 526990.  First I just opened ID with the defaults, TOC just the same.  Next I replaced the new ones with files I had saved as backups back when.  Same result.


                          Something was wrong in the document itself, a mystery to be perhaps never solved.


                          Thanks for your assistance and ideas.

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                            pfn4141 Level 1

                            A further afterthought.  I wonder if the process of trying to make p 1 be a lefthand page in the document with the TOC (Front Materials) could affect it?  I did that.  I gave the front cover a separate section and made it a1, then I tried to make the first page of the Front Materials (inside front cover also) be page 1, a L hand page.  And it did it.  But now it seems to have renumbered it, so it starts with p2.  Maybe all this moving around could affect the TOC?  The TOC is the very first item in the Front Materials section.  Just a thought for possible future problems in this area.

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              Page shuffling, and even duplicate numbering, wouldn't bother the TOC under normal circumstances.  It sounds like somethind simple got damaged in the file (happens from time to time) and .idml was not able to fix it. Are your files stored on a server or your local drive?

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                                pfn4141 Level 1

                                Hmmm a mystery, then.  I notice there have been no other contributors to this thread.  Not a common problem I surmise.  To answer your Q  everything is on this computer.  I am doing this as a volunteer effort for the Nevada Native Plant Society, to which I belong.


                                Oh and I notice I left one other question unanswered, yes the text to which styles were applied was part of the to be printed text.


                                And an afterthought:  perhaps this is another good reason for using the book format.  I only had to re-do 8 pages, not 80.

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                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                  Well, the TOC is SUPPOSED to work as described, and generally does, except in cases of user error or file corruption, neither of which are easy to diagnose on a forum. If you want to send me the file I'll give it a whirl here and see if I can spot something.

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                                    pfn4141 Level 1

                                    OK, here they are as attachments. There are two Front Materials, the problematic document. The "copy" is the re-done one.

                                    I added Back Materials, which has the same style to be picked up in the TOC, has never so far been a problem.

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                                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                      OK, attachments on the forums don't work. If you want ot send a file you must either post a link to it here (you can send it to yourself using a file share service like YouSendIt.com and post the link) or for confidential material send a Private Message with the link (click a user's name to go to their profile page and you'll see the Private Message link inthe actions box on the right).


                                      Also, please remove any autoquotes and turn off your auto-signature when replying by email, if you don't mind. Email goes back to the forum, not a particular user. Thanks.