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    Simple DVD


      So I captured a wedding and here are the video properties:


      Type: AVI Movie

      File Size: 4.3 GB

      Image Size: 720 x 480

      Frame Rate: 29.97

      Source Audio Format: 32000 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 32000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 00;20;34;27

      Average Data Rate: 3.6 MB / second

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.9091


      I did some minor editing in Premiere and then sending to Encore to burn a DVD. When I burn a dvd it looks horrible.  What can I do to burn a decent looking DVD using Encore?  I know there are several things that come into play but what should I be checking for?



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          Andrey V Level 2

          You should check your transcode setting in Encore.

          If you would click in the project panel on asset imported from premiere then on the right side of the program you will se the properties panel

          and there you can change the transcode settings. Select something like 7mbps VBR 2 pass if video is over 1 hour, or 8mbps CBR 1pass if your video is under 1 hour.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >sending to Encore


            Does that mean Dynamic Link, or do you export an AVI and start Encore?


            What are your EXACT Encore project and output settings?

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              SevenZeroFour Level 1

              Im using Dynamic Link...


              I figured it has something to do with my transcoding but how do you retranscode something after its already been transcoded?  Also when I play the DVD on xBox or my BluRay player the video looks like crap but if I play it through media player it looks fine???



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                SevenZeroFour Level 1

                My project settings are: Codec MPEG-2; Dimensions: 720 x 480; Frame Rate:29.97;

                                                   Fields: Lower First


                When you say export settings are you wanting my transcode settings?


                Sorry I am new to Encore...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  With ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link), you have two choices:


                  You establish the Dynamic Link and then let En Transcode on Automatic (usually very good, though a lot of motion can get past it), or setting the Transcode Settings in En. In En's Project Panel, Rt-click that/those Asset(s), and change the Transcode Settings.


                  The only "work" that needs to be done is 32KHz Audio to 48KHz Audio for the DVD.


                  Hope that gives you options for good results.




                  PS - there is another option, but not with ADL. You can use other DVD Encoders to do the Encoding to MPEG-2, though you might want to read up on "bit-budgeting," if doing all Transcodes from PrPro with a separate Encoder, just to insure that everything fits.

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                    Andrey V Level 2

                    This is how it should be. You are stretching regular SD 720 x 480 screen onto 1920x1080 or what ever your tv is capable of, and expecting to get a great picture? You cannot compare SD to HD format videos. You can set your TV to display original size screen for videos and that should improve your SD video on the screen however you will get a black envelope on sides of the screen, but the video would look much better.

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                      SevenZeroFour Level 1

                      never thought of that! Thanks