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    Actionscript Help - Searching Data


      I am using Macromedia Flash MX 2004. I have an excel file with data. I need to create a search box and/or drop down menu that would search an excel file and render data based upon the results. So lets say I have an excel file that has multiple rows. On each row there is a manufacturer, model number, and item name. I want to be able to have a "search box" (if you will) that will search the manufacturer column for what I typed to search for and give me all of the data from the results. So if I searched for a manufacturer and there were three lines/rows for that manufacturer, after searching for that manufacturer, I would see all three as well as the model and the item name (since they are on the same row). I need something like this or a solution for the problem, but it must be in flash. I know excel has a search/filter functionality that would do the same thing, but I want a flash screen.


      Also, it may be just as easy to be told how to convert that data into an XML file and have flashplayer use that file that if I selected a manufacturer from a combobox , it would render the data in a text area component. Maybe this would be a different solution; but I would need step by step instructions.