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    Why can't I open my file (apology)


      OK, as the OP of this now-locked thread I must admit that I am a newb to using the amazingly rich and multifaceted Adobe CS package. I should have remembered that I have CS5.5 on my machine at home and CS5 at the office. That should probably have made me question if opening the .indd file in InDesign CS5.5 and saving it, would bring into question opening it again on the machine on which it was created with CS5.


      In my defense, though, many products (Microsoft Word, for example) will warn you when you save a file in a newer release that the file will no longer be useable in the original release.


      I don't remember InDesign providing me with such a caution. It may have and I simply clicked through it, but I don't remember.


      Regardless, I could have phrased my frustration with less, uh, frustration.


      Thanks for your assistance.
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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          InDesign is a complex, advanced program with little compromise. This is why it is good. Adobe designed InDesign for more advanced users than those for which Microsoft designed Word.


          Word processors are a lower level program than professioanl layout publications. By that I mean more people use word processors than layout apps. As a result there is a wider spread of ser experience amoth those using word processors. It is more acceptable that the program hold the users’ hands and warn of potentially inconvenient results. The more general a program, the more users that will jsut start using it without any experience , instruction, or time with the documentation.


          If you want to use a program as heavy, powerful, and complex as InDesign without instruction or documentation, you have noone to blame for the results but yourself.