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    Ghostscript CRASH - gswin32c - Applicaton Error - Alternative to GS???


      Ghostscript CRASH - gswin32c - Applicaton Error

      I have written a program that creates over 1,000 PDFs every night.
      I interface with a custom PDF Writer software written for me by the CutePDF (Acro) people.
      About once or twice a week, my program is stalled with the following message:
         gswin32c - Application Error
         "The instruction at "0x00da9f35" referenced memory at "0x00000008".  The memory could not be written"

      As a former Assembly Language programmer, I can tell you that you NEVER should write to 0000:0008.  It's a bad bug.

      But it is very intermittant.  I create over 1,000 PDFs and it only happens infrequently.

      I am using v9.01.  That has not corrected the problem.  It may have made it slightly worse.

      I am at my wit's end.
      Is there an alternative to GhostScript?
      Is there a developer who could guide me to the solution?

      Please email your help to flaschDJ----AT----Gmail----DOT----com.


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Ghostscript is an open source competitor to Acrobat. We cannot help you solve Ghostscript errors. You can download a trial of Acrobat to see if it will satisfy your needs. There is an Acrobat SDK forum that can be used to help you write custom programs to access Acrobat and/or Distiller capabilities. If you can write a program that will deposit a postscript file (rathen than a pdf) in a single folder, Acrobat Pro can be setup with Watch folders that will take an file in the folder and turn it into a pdf file.