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    HTML Glossary - Formatting Issues

      II recently converted a WinHelp project to HTML. The only problem I've encountered is that the Glossary entries are all in bold and a larger font than the normal HTML Glossary output. It's extremely ugly and gives me a headache after looking at only two or three entries. Because I subscribe to the “be kind to the customer” philosophy, I'd like to fix this. Does anyone have the solution? Any help will be much appreciated...by me, at least.
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          * open your .glo file in notepad.
          * copy and paste your glossary on another notepad - delete the text entry on your current .glo file.
          * paste the entry on the other notepad back to the .glo file which is currenty in notepad.

          of course don't forget to backup your original .glo file before doing this.

          Example of .glo entry

          Definition of Data.
          Definition of Element.

          NAME should be in uppercase followed by an = sign then your glossary entry. Ensure the definition appears on the very next paragraph.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            Nothing against JoeJoeR's suggestion here, but I'll be very surprised if it does the trick. Basically the glossary exists in the .GLO file as JoeJoeR correctly indicated. But notice that there is no actual formatting information inside. My first thought upon reading the initial post was that somehow the glossary definitions were lost. This would leave only the terms. If a term has no associated definition, the term is presented in bold in the RoboHelp Glossary composer.

            My questions would be:
            * What is the actual ouptut? I know you said "HTML", but does that mean a compiled .CHM or WebHelp or FlashHelp? (All are HTML based).
            * Are you seeing the bold in the output or in the Glossary composer?
            * Is this only limited to the glossary or are you seeing weirdness elsewhere?

            Cheers... Rick
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              La_Menting Level 1
              Thanks JoeJoe and Rick for your responses.

              I tried creating the new .glo file but to no avail. Rick, to answer your questions, the terms and definitions look fine in the RoboHelp compiler pane. It is only in the output that the large, bold font appears. To me, it seems like the output (which is a. chm file) and its associated .glo file are being stepped on or overridden by another file with the formatting. This problem exists nowhere else in the output (.chm). I thought perhaps it re-registering the HHActiveX.dll might fix the problem but it hasn't. Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks again.