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    Robohelp 7 open Robohelp 9 project?


      as I search through internet, I understand that robohelp 7 unable to open robohelp 9 project


      we have two robohelp 7 licenses and three robohelp 9 licenses

      when working on project in robohelp 9, it need to upgrade the project, but robohelp 7 is unable to open the project after upgraded


      Is it any way opening Robohelp 9 project(converted from version 7 project) in Robohelp 7?


      Is it upgrade Robohelp 7 to 9 is the only way? We do not wish to upgrade is because i am wondering if later Adobe release robohelp 10, and by that time we need more robohelp license and we purchased additional license, we will need to upgrade all other old robohelp product?