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    The slow decline of Fireworks

    itsemb Level 1

      I used to love working with Fireworks.  It was such a joy to use.  I have seen it slowly fall apart at the hands of Adobe.


      In Mac OS 10.7 the application is totally unstable.  It crashes daily, seemingly due to memory issues.  After some period of use (ie minutes or hours) moving a vector object will result in a beach ball and then a crash.  I have been reduced to saving every 5 minutes for fear of losing valuable work.


      When the applications crashes it does not reliably create a recovered file.


      Panels and palettes can have issues with their appearance (or lack thereof).


      Color picker sometimes breaks and will not accurately reflect the eyedropper selection.


      Items in the common library don't work properly.  When shrinking a Mac button from the common library, button text does not remain centered.  Altering the properties doesn't work reliably.


      This application has sadly become a hunk of junk.


      Adobe has had nearly a year of developer previews from Apple to proactively discover and address issues with Lion.  We pay a premium price for Adobe software, and with it comes the expectation that Adobe is producing a premium product.  I understand developer previews are a moving target and I don't expect everything to be perfect at the launch of a major OS update.  I also don't expect a total disaster. 


      No other application I use has the same level of instability and bugs as Fireworks. 


      What has happened to Adobe?

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          i share with you the same frustration about the bugginess of fireworks. but to the defence of adobe: fireworks was already horribly unstable when it still was in the hands of macromedia.

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            Has this issue been fixed yet? I am nervous about the situation now. I just stupidly upgraded from my Snow-Leopard running MacBook Air to a Lion-running MacBook Air and I'm going to be travelling in a couple of weeks and working on that laptop...   Lion is already a cluster**ck of an OS in itself that I haven't been able to even use the laptop to do any real work... Is this going to be two whammies?? Fireworks is my bread-and-butter tool.

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              incubox Level 1

              Looks like it's time to revert back to Photoshop for website design. Too bad.

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                Are these MacOS specific issues? I have been running Fireworks on Windows XP and now 7 for years and have never experienced anything major. I may have seen a saving error two or three times, meaning that you need to use Save As as it won't let you just Save, not recently though. Also it helps not to leave Fireworks open or the machine running for days (which is basic computer hygiene anyway) or the speed gets affected. I experienced the text misplacement bug which then got fixed. Other than that I never had it crash on me or do anything like you describe, and I'm usually working on multipage layouts, master pages etc. It installs and upgrades fine every time. Is it just me or is there some wrong with MacOS implementation of FW specifically?

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                  Matthew Clara Level 1

                  I've just started using Fireworks CS5 on an XP machine at work, and in the last three days it's crashed at least four times.  I, too, am forced to save with just about every change I make.

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                    itsemb Level 1

                    @mahagaine, the major issues with Fireworks are in Mac OS X 10.7 (code name "Lion").  This version of the OS was a major update and Fireworks is so buggy in 10.7 I would consider it incompatible.   The developer preview was released 8 months ago, and the OS shipped 3 months ago. 


                    Adobe software carries premium pricing.  The calibre of support is not in line with the pricing.  The application is languishing in a state of disrepair, seemingly due to their focus on churning out paid yearly half-updates of the CS suite (ie cs 5.5) in order to provide a short-term influx of cash.


                    I love Fireworks and hope to see it get some love from Adobe, but I am actively seeking a replacement just in case.  Had high hopes for the 2.0 release of Pixelmator, but the vector tools are not there yet.  Hopefully the team there is working on "vectormator" (which they hold the domain for).

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                      Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                      My suggestion is to log all issues here:




                      Describe the problems, attach Fw PNG files, and add harware/software details!


                      I am sure Fw Team is looking into these issues, but what they may need the most, is reports from users! On some Lion systems, Fw CS5 is very stable, no issues at all. On some others, there are problems -- so in such cases, please log bugs! These may help, and a lot!




                      PS I do not work for Adobe, just another Fw user...

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                        pixelfairy Level 1


                        Thanks for your feedback! Requests and suggestions from our customers are what help us to continue creating cutting-edge, world-class software.

                        Due to the volume of submissions we receive, responses to inquiries are generally not possible. However, we may contact you if we need clarification on your submission.

                        ...that's a quote from Adobe's bug report form.

                        I feel pretty frustrated right now. The original poster of this thread is pretty spot on---Fireworks has fallen into decay and it's sad. I think Adobe's use of the term "cutting-edge, world-class software" is self-congratulatory and misplaced. I really hope Fireworks gets the attention, resources and fixes it needs and deserves because I really do love using it when it works.

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                          Mastov1 Level 1

                          I come to this forum every time fireworks crashes. It's my new ritual...


                          Guess why I'm here now? Yup you guessed it.


                          I see a new thread every time I come here with the same issues. I've learned to work around issues a bit. Here's some tidbits:


                          FW doesn't support files above 160MB. They're only stable for a few minutes. However this isn't a gurantee smaller files are more stable. But going above that file size is a guranteed crash.


                          FW isn't capable of knowing when it's not being used. If I open a file that uses 2gigs of ram, it will still be active hours after I've closed the file.


                          FW only seems to be able to access about 2.8 gigs of ram.


                          Sketch 2 is a 64 bit vector program that I intend to try out when I have more time.

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                            Brad Messer Level 1

                            I've been using Fireworks since early in the Macromedia days. Currently using CS5.5 (OS 10.6.8, iMac 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 6GB 667 MHz RAM) because I tried the CS6 and didn't see it as different enough to warrant paying for an upgrade.

                            I am sticking with the Snow Leopard OS because Lion would make too many of my (PowerPC) apps obsolete.

                            Now to the point.

                            FW has been stable as a rock on every Mac I've owned since at least as far back as the Powermac G4 of 2000. From FW 2 and 3 up through 5.5 it has been STABLE AS A ROCK, you hear?

                            PS: Can't really say the same about Dreamweaver, which I've used on the same upgrade path, but it's vital to my website work and I wouldn't want to be without DW. At least virtually all DW crashes do not result in corrupted files.

                            PPS: Yes I know my iMac is supposedly limited to 4GB RAM but the fact is that it accepted and utilized 6 okay (a 2 chip and a 4 chip).